Site-specific performance for Ponto d'Orvalho festival 2022. Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal
(September, 17th)

Review in portuguese by Mattia Tosti

Photography by Vera Marmelo©

Installation of drum plates and singing bowls on improvised found branches from the site. Barrocal dam, Herdade da Quinta das Abelhas, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal.

Throwing pebles at drum plates, singing bowls and into the river surface. (Act I)

DIY water psaltery with amplification and effects modulation.

Industrial watering pipes drumming (act II)

DIY electroacoustic water psaltery. (Act III) 

Photography by Vera Marmelo.

Conception and activation: Xavier Paes & Inês Tartaruga Água

For “Ponto D’Orvalho” 2022.
Herdade da Quinta das Abelhas, Montemor-O-Novo.