GERME: Ensaio para um discurso da acção
GERMEN: A Discourse for Action

Collective action/ performance/ installation
Seedbombs (soil, clay, compost and seeds)
2018 - contínuo

GERME started as a collection and archiving of local wild flora seeds as a collective memory and treasure bank of life. The project is a continuum practice of connecting with people and trade seeds as well as ancient knowledge.

On a first level, there is a thrive for new ways of exchange and producing knowledge outside of capitalist structures. Seedbomb workshops and meetings are randomly organized with the communities I am inserted in, where I connect to locals and expand this living seed-human archive.

The visual poetics of this work comes as a circle of soil full of life-bearing-capsules resting in their own potency for action and real transformation. However, the main focus goes to the viewer that shifts its own condition of viewer to activator of the sculpture if one decides to engaged with it. By taking a seedbomb and throwing it anywhere one desires, it is a symbolic act for change and urgency of action. Shortly, this piece is presented as a visual-action essay on the power of individual and collective efforts to act and change reality.

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Fotografia: João Pinto
Edição: Inês Tartaruga Água